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When Pregnant Follow these tips

It is essential to follow pregnancy care tips & take care of yourself & your baby by following healthy lifestyle habits.

1 .Eat Healthy - Have balanced diet.

  •              Eat at Regular Interval.
  •              Make sure your diet includes vitamins /essential Minerals/iron.

2 .Exercise - Stretching & doing healthy exercise will benefit your baby & you during delivery avoid strenuous exercises.

3 .Get adequate Sleep- 8 hours Sleep a day is necessary.

4 .Get Plenty of Fluids - Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

  •                    Have milk twice a day.

5 .Say No to Alcohol & Nicotine - Also Avoid Passive Working.

6 .Take Prenatal Vitamins - Make Sure You take folic acid,iron,Calcium during pregnancy.

7 .Consult gynaecologist Routinely at least 3 antenatal visits are necessary for Mother.

8 .Get your blood test done - Consult your gynaecologist so that you may have healthy Mother as well as realty baby.

9 .Ultrasound - At Least 3 ultrasound are necessary during pregnancy. Routine use will determine your baby growth.

10 .Avoid any Anti-depressants drug.