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Admission Procedure

How to reach Medigram Hospital?

By Train ... route is from Railway Station take a Cab / Auto for Medigram Hospital, Chunhaiti, Delhi Road (7K.M. from Railway Station) Landmark is Near to Pinewood School

Here mentioned a handful of Information as frequently asked questions you’ll need when making health care decisions. If your question isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Are you being advised to be admitted to the hospital?

At Medigram we know that a hospital stay means leaving the comforts of home and the security of friends and family, as well as entrusting your health in the hands of others an understandably discomforting notion. At Medigram we will ensure your stay to be as pleasant as possible. We also understand not all hospital admissions allow time to “pre-plan.” But when you can plan, here are some suggestion mentioned:

We advise you to come along with the following requirements:

  • Insurance cards (Health Insurance Policy) & an ID card or driver’s license.
  • A list of any allergies to food, medicines or other items.
  • The telephone number(s) of an emergency contact (i.e. a friend or relative).
  • Personal items. While the hospital can provide all these items, we suggest, for your personal comfort, that you bring your own pajamas, toothbrush, comb and other personal care items.

We suggest that you leave the following at home:

In addition, we ask that you do not bring small children (below 12 yrs) or family members/visitors who are not feeling well.

  • Medications, including supplements such as vitamins, over-the-counter medications and herbals.
  • Plug-in electrical appliances (e.g., razors or curling irons).
  • Food or snacks.
  • Consultation Charges:
    1 Routine Consultant 600 Free 600
    2 Emergency Consultant OPD hours 1000 NA NA
    3 Emergency Consultant off OPD hours 1200 NA NA

    However, charges for super specialists/consultants/associates may vary in certain specialties but the same will be applicable across all consultants in that specialty.

    OPD Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9 AM to 5 PM, Sunday: Only Emergencies

    Visiting hours & Attendant facilities

    Only one attendant is allowed to stay with the patient in all room categories. At the time of admission an "attendant pass" will be issued for the attendant staying for 24 hrs with the patient. For paediatric patients, upto 12 yrs of age, two (2) attendant passes are issued at the time of admission.

    What are the different types of rooms in your hospital and what are the charges?
    S.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Bed category   Single Twin Sharing Economy ICU/ICCU HDU NICU - Level III Day Care Beds
    Amount (Rs per day)   6500 4500 3500 10000 4500   1000.00 up to 6 hours and 2000 up to 12 hours

    The Room Tariff includes in addition to stay with complete housekeeping, patient uniforms, linen & laundry, room specific standard amenities, food & beverages as advised by the Clinician/s for the patient, the nursing care & Resident Doctors Visit. It does not included Consulting Clinician/s fees/ Medicine & Consumables, Investigation/ s and Procedures/Surgery. For further details please contact our IP billing counter.

    How are bed charges calculated?

    The bed charges accounting cycle is 10 AM to 10 AM.For Emergency admissions the cycle starts from time of admission. You are requested to contact the IP billing department or the admission counter for further details.

    Can the room be retained, if the patient is shifted to ICU or other wards?

    Rooms must be vacated on transfer of patient to ICU or any other ward as other patients awaits the bed/ room.

    How should one book an Operation Theater ?
    1 Surgeon fee for inpatient and daycare 100%*
    2 Operation theatre charges (% of surgeon fee) 50%
      Anesthesia charges (% of surgeon fee)  
    3 a) Under Local Anesthesia (LA)/Stand by 20%
    4 b) Under General/Spinal/Epidural Anesthesia 30%
    5 OT gases (% of surgeon fee) for General Anesthesia 20%
    6 OT gases (% of surgeon fee) for Spinal/Epidural/Regional Anesthesia 5%
    7 Stand-by Consultant charges (% of surgeon fee) 30%
    8 Equipment charges (% of surgeon fee) 20%

    *Single and deluxe room charges shall be our base charges. A discount of 15% of operating fee will be offered in the twin sharing room and a discount of 25% shall be given to the patients in the Economy bed category. 25% extra charges will be charged in case of patients occupying the suite bed category. Special equipment charges may be defined separality in certain cases where highly specialized instruments are used.


    Please ask your doctor to contact the Billing/ Booking counter for OT reservation.In case the patient has been advised a surgery by the Doctor, the patient or relative will be required to pay the desired amount as OT booking charges ( Non-Refundable) at the IP Billing Counter at ground floor. This would-be adjusted against your hospital bill. The computer generated receipt of your payments should be brought back to the counter from where the booking for the Operation Theater would be confirmed. The respective Doctor would assist you about the day & time you should report for the surgery & other instructions given by your doctor to be followed.

    Does reservation confirms by choice of room / bed ?

    We at Medigram hospital will make our best efforts to allot you a room/bed of your choice.

    Please note that allotment of rooms is purely based on the subject to availability.
    What is the acceptable mode of payment?

    At the time of admission you are requested to pay an advance amount equivalent to the estimated cost of the Procedure / Surgery or treatment advised. The payments at the time of admission, during the stay of the patient & at the time of discharge shall be made at the IP Billing Counter. The Payments can be made in cash / demand drafts or through all major credit cards.

    Note- Payments through checks are not accepted.
    What is the admission time?

    All planned admissions are done between 9 am – 11 am.

    Deposit Charges for Operations?

    The Deposit for the Operation is fixed 80 percent of procedure advised.

    Advance Deposit at the time of Admission:-
        Medical Surgical
    1 Single 10000 20000
    2 Twin Sharing 8000 16000
    3 Economy 5000 8000
    4 ICU/ICCU/PICU 20000 30000
    5 NICU 10000 15000
    6 HDU 10000 15000
    7 Nursery 10000 15000
    8 Day Care 2000 3000

    The advance taken is adjusted in the final bill.

    For planned admission

    100% deposit will be made at the time of admission as per the estimate given.


    1. An estimate and the final bill charges may vary and change in the medical treatment or procedure/ surgery for the better result and safety.


    2. The cost of the surgery /procedure shall be revised to the higher category, if the patient opts for higher /lower category even after the surgery /procedure is performed.


    3. Need to maintain a minimum deposit of Rs. 10,000 by the patient. IPD executive will remind you in case your outstanding is more than 10,000/-. Please ensure that there is sufficient advance deposit to avoid such calls.

    4. Patient can not be shifted for elective surgery /procedure without the financial clearance.

    For patient offered credit facility

    Credit facility is offered to the patients from corporate and insurance covered (TPA) having a tie up with Medigram Hospital. Corporate patients are required to bring their authorization letter along with employee ID at the time of admission. Advance shall be taken wherein patients walks in, either from corporate for TPA, without authorization letter. Even in case of authorization letter, if approved amount is less than the estimated amount, balance amount shall be payable by the patient at the time of admission; this security shall be refundable on presentation of 100% approval on the final bill amount. Non-payable items (miscellaneous, non-admissible items and any other differential amount like overhead room charges, surgeon fees, OT & anaesthesia charges, consultation and/or instrument charges ) shall be payable by the patient.

    It is mandatory that the original reports and the films are send to TPA, however copy of the reports will be provided. Additional films/CD may be made on additional charges which should be borne by the patient.

    In case there is a delay in authorization, partial-authorization or denial of authorization from the insurance/TPA, hospital cannot be held responsible and 100% of estimated cost and/or the difference of estimated cost will have to be deposited by the patient at the time of admission or before the surgery.

    In case there are any deductions from the TPA, or impaneled corporate of the patient, after Medigram Hospital has applied for reimbursement, the patient shall be liable to pay the full/deducted unpaid inpatient bill amount, within 30 days of receipt of written notice from Medigram Hospital.

    Emergency admissions from Corporate or TPA

    In case of emergency admission, the approval for cashless facility must be produced before the discharge. We will facilitate your request with the TPA and try to procure the approval from TPA before discharge. But the prime responsibility remains with the patients only.

    Billing Policy for IPD rooms

    Check-out time is 10:00 AM.

    Room rent shall be charged for full day on the day of admission irrespective of time of checking in. If the patient is discharged within 24 hours of admission, room/bed charges are charged only for one day.

    (Half day room rent shall be charged in case of stay up to 8 hours on the day of discharge and full day room rent shall be charged in case of stay exceeding 8 hours).

    Labour room charges will also be levied on hourly basis(Rs.550/hr) for number of hours spent in the labour room when the patient is shifted to operation theatre for cesarean section.

    Consultation fees for the pre-anesthesia check-up (PAC) will be charged extra.

    A normal consultation fee is chargeable between 7 am and 10 pm. Consultations outside the above hours are considered as an emergency and carry a 100% surcharge. A 100% surcharge is also applicable for the first visit by a specialist who visit the hospital only to consult the patient.

    The emergency visit will be charged between 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM only. The emergency visit charges shall be Rs 1,000/- per visit for Senior/Associate Consultant and Rs 500/- per visit for Junior Consultants.

    Any specialist consultations,investigation,procedures,surgery etc. will be charged extra.

    All the visits by the anesthetist during the stay will be charged.

    Women's health educator, diabetes educator and new born counselling fees will be charged extra.

    In case,an attendant or relative wishes to retain a room when the patient is shifted to a high dependency area, additional charges are levied for room, food and beverage. A room will have to be vacated if required by another patient.

    Local telephone call charges are Rs.10/- per call.

    Any extra Food & beverage service availed by the patient beyond the defined services will be charged extra. Also any Food & beverage services availed by the attendant will be charged extra.

    Medical records charges for a sum of Rs.300/- will be charged extra.

      How passes are issued?

    One pass for a single attendant to stay for 24 hours and a reliever’s pass is issued at the time of admission. You are requested to contact the IP billing counter for special ICU passes and main reception for surgery passes.

    Outside food is allowed ?

    No outside food is allowed in the hospital

    The hospital has a qualified and well trained team of dietitians and in house kitchen & staff to cater to all your dietary needs.

    Where do i collect my pending reports after discharge?

    You may collect the pending reports from the Sample Collection Counter at Ground Floor , on production of the slip on any working day.

    Can we buy medicines or consumables from outside?

    All the medicines are provided by the Hospital Medigram Pharmacy. Medicines and Consumables are not allowed from outside.

    What should I do if I have questions about the medication my doctor has prescribed?

    At Medigram, We want you & your family members to be well informed about the care & services you receive while you’re a patient with us, and we encourage you to ask questions. Don’t feel pressured to accept or agree to any procedure, treatment or medication if you don’t understand the need for it—after all, our doctors and nurses are here to serve you.

    Do Medigram Hospital provide Ambulance services?

    Yes Medigram Hospital has its own Advance & Basic Life Support Ambulance services round the clock ,if required please contact our Billing Section at Ground Floor for further details. Ambulance Service Number- 0132-2764100, +91-8477001954

    Is there any service charge on the hospital bills?

    No service charge is levied on the bills.

    What is the procedure of refund?

    Refund below or equal to Rs. 10, 000/- are done by cash at the time of discharge. Refund above Rs. 10,000 are done by cheque after seven working days from the day/date of discharge. In case the payment is made by a credit / debit card, the refund cheque is issued in favour of the card after realization of the amount.

    Can i have my cashless facility availed at your hospital?

    We have tie up with various Third Party Administrators (TPA) for cashless benefits. Please contact the IP billing counter for the same.

    Discharge Process of the Patient?

    As soon as the respective consultants make entry of discharge in your file containing the relevant details, papers & vouchers for the billing department the discharge process starts. The final bill is prepared & the Patient is expected to pay the balance amount.


    Please note that discharge process may take 3-4 hrs to complete after discharged file prepared by the respective Consultant, in case of TPA insurance there may be a further delay since the final authorization is required to be received.


    Any deposit made & balance of the same exists, the same will be taken into account,When the final bill is settled by the Patient / Relative by making payment at the Account/IP Billing counter, the patient is allowed to be discharged & at the same time all other formalities are completed by Nursing department for Discharge Summary and Medicines.