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Disc Slip / Disc Prolapse

  1. What is intervertebral disc?

It is a cushion between two vertebral bodies. It's job is to absorb strain and shock of the body that happens during sitting and movements

They do not have vascular (blood) supply.

  1. What is herniated Disc / Disc Prolapse?

Disc has 2 components- inner gel like material core and outer layer of cartilagenous  tissues.

Cause –

  • With age the disc gets dried up and becomes prone to cracks and from those cracks the inner gel like material protrudes out.
  • Trauma/ Injury.
  • Lifting heavy weight.
  • Wrong postures in daily life lead to increase speed of aging of disc.
  1. How can it cause problems?
  • From direct pressure on the nerve roots.
  • Irritation of the nerve roots due to the material of


  1. What are the symptoms of disc prolapse?
  • Backache/ Cervical Pain.
  • Radiation to pain to lower limbs/ upper limbs (Sciatica).
  • Numbness / tingling along the limb effected.
  • In severe / late cases – alarming symptoms like weakness in lower limb (foot drop) and urinary retention and severe constipation. Known as“ CAUDA EQUINA SYNDROME” . 


  1. MRI is the investigation of choice.
  2. Management- Depending on the severity of symptoms and MRI findings treatment protocol in decided -
  3. Conservative- Analgesics, Exercise and posture training. 80% of patient get relieved by this method.
  4. Surgery- Microdiscectomy- the extruded segment is removed and nerve in set free.