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Dr. Sharad Agarwal (MS. MCH Urology PGI Chandigarh) has performed more then 15000 major surgeries with such a vast experience and availability of most advanced instrumentation almost all urological problems can be efficiently treated in most appropriate way.

Services Offered: Urinal Tract Stones :

Complete solution of Urinal tract stone under one roof by advanced laser technology.

Advanced Technology: RIRS  :- Removal of Kidney stone without skin hole. MiniPerc:- Removal of Kidney stone with Minimum 4mm skin hole. Other Facility:- PCNL,URS,CLT,ESWL
Urological Malignancy:

  • Center has vast experience in managing Kidney,bladder,Prostate  & testicular cancer.All major radical surgeries are performed & comprehensive care to cancer patients is provided.
  • we have the large series of Radical Cystectomy with neobladder/ileal conduit with long follow-up.
  • Our department runs Cancer Screening program for Prostate cancer which includes blood test (S.PSA),Ultrasound & TRUS guided prostatic biospy.

Reconstructive Urology:

Laparoscopic repair of UPJ obstruction, VVF repair, Ureleral reimplatation bladder augmenlation and other major run structure surgeries have been performed it in large number. These is a long series of urethroplastical which including because patient perineal end to end and other forms.

Advanced Laparoscopic Urology:

  • All forms of laparoscopic urology procedures are undertaken including both adult and pediatrics laparoscopic urology.
  • We are doing large volume of advanced Laparoscopic procedures like Pyeloplasty, Vesico Vaginal Fistula repair, Uretric Re implantation & ablative surgery.

Female Urology:

  • Overactive Bladder / Stress incontinence / Urge incontinence /Urinary infections.
  • Comprehensive treatment of female urological problems including urinary frequency-urgency syndrome,incontinence(urine leak), urinary infections & pregnancy - related problems.
  • Female urological problems are treated along with the gynecologist by a combined evaluation.

Pro static Disease:

  • We Have complete facilities for assessment of patients with urinary symptoms on scientific ground & the best treatment is suggested.
  • For treatment of enlarged prostate we have facility of TURP, Bipolar resection (TURIS)  & Holmium Laser.

Pediatric Urology:

  • PUJ Obstruction / Hypospadias / Undescended testis /Stricture urethra / PUV & Vesicoureteral Reflux.
  • This includes counselling for antenatal hydronephrosis(fetal kidney swelling), singal stage surgery even for comlex hypospadias and complete management of reflux(deflux injection).

Infertinity and andrology

Complete assesment of male infertility and microscopic variculectomy and V EA is done, Surgery for peyronie's disease and penile prothesis is performed.

Day Care Urology:

  • Laser Prostectomy(HOLEP), TUIP, PUV Fulguration / Laser Endopyelotomy /RIRS /Pucl ? URS
  • Our center is dedicated for Day Care procedures by using Latest Laser Technology to minimize Hospital stay / Blood loss.