Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain Management & critical Care Much has changed since those early beginnings. During the last 20 years, anesthesiology has been one of the fastest growing and most improved specialties in medicine. There have been major technological breakthroughs in virtually every corner of the specialty. Medications which we are now using for anesthesia are tremendously improved. The result is an improvement in overall anesthetic quality and comfort unmatched in the past. Anesthesiologist (Pain Specialist) are responsible for the safety and well-being of patients before, during and after surgery. This includes placing patients in a state of controlled unconsciousness called “general anesthesia”, the provision of “regional anesthetics” where only a portion of the body is made numb, or administering ‘sedation’ when indicated for the relief of pain or anxiety. These anesthetics provide continuous pain relief and sustaining patient’s critical life functions as they are affected throughout surgical, obstetrical or other medical procedures .Anesthetists are primarily involved in the management of postoperative pain, as well as chronic and cancer pain. We have inculcated many advanced technology to bolster routine clinical anaesthesia management, including; patient safety monitors: multipara monitors,Invasive pressure monitors and anesthesia-depth monitoring to optimize vital functioning during long and critical surgeries. In difficult spinal cases-Radiograph-assisted neuraxial access. We are also the front-runners in chronic pain-management techniques. Daycare Anesthesia Services is for the patients who are electively scheduled for short-duration minor surgical procedures or minimally invasive surgeries. With the societal changes, the daycare anesthesia occupies increasing demand ,it is made possible with the use of short acting anaesthetic agents limiting its anaesthetic effect for duration of surgery thus giving immediate recovery. We run dedicated Anaesthesia OPD with following objectives 1- Preanaesthetic checkup- An evaluation process that carefully considers both the patient’s current state of health and the planned surgical procedure that allows anesthesiologists to make judgments about the safest anesthesia plan for each individual patient. 2- Pain management clinic : We actively cater to the chronic pain patients like neuropathic pain, Headache, backache ,radicular pain, neuralgias, cancer pains , arthritic pain ,frozen shoulder pain, post injury pain, post surgical pain and fibromyalgia. Transforaminal injections for low backache, radio-frequency ablation, and ultrasound-aided nerve-blocks, alcohol/neurolysis etc. 3- Labour analgesia counselling- labor pain relief prior to and during the normal delivery process, patient/attendant information about the labor-epidural intervention, counseling for proactive obstetric plan, and the role of anesthesiology experts to the patient with active labor pain is provided throughout the day and also in the emergency hours. 4- Patient counselling- is operational for those patients who wish to be apprised of anesthesia intervention process, which they would be subjected to in course of the planned surgery. This helps in allaying anxiety, nurturing confidence, counseling of the relatives/attendants and facilitating informed consent process for surgery and overall. Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine,Critical care and Pain Management has been all the way up there with concurrent advances that are taking place in-around the world. We take the pride in initiating and sustaining good anesthesia care in major surgical procedures. We have the pleasure of initiating the city’s first fully-functional Pain Management Clinic. We successfully look forward to embrace new technology including, newer monitoring systems. Objective and Vision We provide anaesthesia and critical care to our patients in modular operation theaters with proper bed facility.